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Best International Schools in Mumbai - St. John's Boarding School symbolizes a perfect foundation on which a successful nation can be built on. It is not merely a training ground of academic subjects but a training institute which upholds and instills the values of discipline, selflessness, compassion, intellectual curiosity and a sense of fairness.

List of International Schools in Mumbai

Top Mumbai International School- Best International Schools in Mumbai has a huge number of international schools. A large number of parents opt for suchschools for their children as they believe that they would have better exposure to a cosmopolitan culture very early in life. There are a few international schools in Mumbai whose syllabus meant for Best International Schools in Mumbai.

Top Mumbai International School - Best International Schools in Mumbai and the syllabus is usually a little different from that of the syllabus followed by the schools locally, though it conforms to the rules of the Indian education system at some level.

List of International Schools in Mumbai - Every student's enclave has an exclusive and hygienic sanitary unit with provision for 24 hours hot & cold water supply. Each dormitory houses its supervisory staff i.e. a House Master and a Matron who have special roles for the residents of the dormitory.

A modern and very clean kitchen provides hygienic, wholesome and delicious vegetarian food of Indian, Chinese and Continental styles under the control and guidance of qualified and experienced catering staff in the Top Mumbai International School.

The strength of the structure lies in its foundation. School Education is therefore rightly regarded as the base depending on which one’s life structure takes shape. This realization has resulted in the increasing demand of the Best Education in Coimbatore. The corresponding rise of Indian schools to meet the demand of the growing population has also accelerated the competition among the Best Education in Coimbatore. And this is true for all kinds of city schools like residential schools, day- boarding schools, primary schools, secondary schools and the government schools.  

Education Features:
- The teaching philosophy at JANIRS is to stimulate in every student, a desire to learn and enquire.
- Faculty ensures that students are given focus and direction to bring their potential to fruition.
- Full time staff resides on the campus in the List of International Schools in Mumbai.
- Specialists in various fields are regularly invited to impart specialized knowledge and share diversity in thought.
- The teacher- student ratio of 1:10 provides for personal attention and teacher-pupil bonding.
- Planning and supervision of extra curricular activities, monitoring students in smaller groups and taking care of the personal needs of the students is practiced with commitment and affection.

Modern Education Institution gives all exciting all round education is the first step in transforming potentiality into reality. The individual personality of each and every student is honed and polished to achieve a socially and personally beneficial life.

A thorough grounding in traditional academic disciplines, teamwork, problem solving and risk-taking is the essential to the build-up of knowledge with a global perspective which you will find in Modern Education

Each young mind has the capacity and capability to succeed in every area of their lives. At Modern Education Schools our learners are encouraged to explore every facet of their personality and develop their unique skills...


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